April in New York

Sarah and Ian

I did spent almost a week in New York with Sarah. We did enjoy our time there but wasn't as impressed as most people are. I guess living in a huge metropolis of a city like London makes all other huge cities feel quite the same. Obviously there were huge differences for example the London underground is so deep compared to the New York Subway. You can always feel when a train is traveling under your feet.

I did go out for dinner and meetup with David Czarnecki and a whole host of other New Yorkers on Friday night.

Dinner with the New Yorkers

Saturday afternoon a work out in Central Park while a bunch of us play Frisbee 2.0

Me after the game

Then headed over to Bre's for a BBQ in his apartment 10 stories up near hells kitchen. Honestly his apartment was very cool and the space was simply amazing.

10 floors up at Brie's

Obviously we did lots more stuff including seeing the Daily Show being recorded (Rachel has the low down on this one), some time at the top of the Rockefella building, a boat tour around manhattan, lots of walking around and believe it or not we actually went to New Jersey. Not out of choice, more a mistake by our shuttle bus who thought we were going to Newark with everyone else. After a verbal fight we headed back into New York to get to JFK before our flight at 8:30am. 

New York New York

Anyway I got about 300 pictures now on Flickr from New York so go check them out. Thanks again to Rachel for putting up with me and Sarah during the week.

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