Still on Pacific Standard Time

Its 12:30pm GMT and I'm still awake after a night battling with my old laptop.

I made the mistake of selling my old laptop on ebay before going to America. I didn't clear anything off of it and had to get Dave and Sarah involved while I was away (thanks guys). But in the end, the buyer was happy to receive it today in completely working order. And honestly at 6am this morning I was going to call it quits and email the buyer to offer there money back.

But out of pure chance while looking for a decent Dos Boot image, I found this site which also has a version which includes Symantic Ghost client. I also finally tracked down a util which does bootable discs in Windows XP/2000, thanks to HP. Once I loaded the Recovery CD roms on to the hard drive and moved them to the right part using Partition Magic and a load of Dos commands (geez give me chmod over attrib anyday).

So now thats done and out the way, I'm going to spend the rest of my Easter Holiday with Sarah and writing my paper for Xtech which was due the day I came back from the states.

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