Support ORG and Party

Party starts Wednesday 11th April from 6pm at Bar Kick. Straight from the ORG party site

A chance for ORG supporters to meet each other, chat to volunteers and staff and celebrate how far we’ve all come since ORG started. There’ll be 'public domain' DJs, remixed visuals and free culture goodie bags, as well as a special guest speaker to be announced.

Beneath all this revelry lies a hidden motive. We need you to bring a friend, colleague or family member who doesn't yet support ORG, but who you think would like to, if they knew more about our work. 

The party starts at 6pm on Wednesday 11 April at Bar Kick, E1, and lasts until 11pm. See you there!

I'll certainly be there and who knows might be a regular ORG supporter.

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Author: Ianforrester

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