Getting a late night taxi in San Francisco is simply a nightmare

The other night I spent 45mins plus trying to flag down a taxi on mission street. There were tons of taxis and lots had there lights on to say their for hire, but would they stop for me? Hell no!

So in the end I walked back to the hotel at 2am. Now although 10 blocks doesn't sound a lot. Bear in mind its 2am, I don't know San Francisco at all and I had only flew in that day. Its like someone saying you should walk from Chancery Lane to Aldgate. It maybe not be far but it can be scary at least, specially if you don't know the area. I have tried to map out a google map of how far I had to go to escape the wilds of San Francisco.

The footage above is taken yesterday (monday 2nd April) when I tried to film myself flagging down taxis in the South of the market area of San Francisco. This time I get a taxi within 5mins.

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Author: Ianforrester

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