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I found this while looking around the blogging.LA blog. Why was I looking around? I met the organiser of LA Geekdinners, a women by the name of Heathervescent and we shared a lot of tips and tricks regarding Geekdinners.

Heather was not very popular while playing werewolf at Etech due to some bust up with Cal Henderson in a previous game. But she was very open and passionate about what she was doing. However there were strange differences in what we were doing.

  • Heather sets all the dates in advance at the start of the year instead of going by guests
  • She still has sit down meals, but since hearing what worked for us in London. Is considering buffet food in a bar
  • Shes also doing side games on different dates. We do Werewolf every 2 months while they do Powerpoint karaoke every 2-3 months.
  • I suggested we might do Delicious Petcha Kucha one day and showed her the salted script
  • Heather also does geekdinners at the start of the week like we do here because the end of the week is troublesome
  • LA geekdinners is currently using the BarCamp wiki, but she was consider other ways to do it.
  • Girl Geekdinners came up, but it seems the balance of women to men at LA Geekdinners might not be so bad?
  • LA Geekdinners also do not have guests as such, there more meetup style
  • We wondered who actually owns and is there something we could do to improve whats already out there
  • Is there a reason why LA, London and New York have geekdinners and places like San Francisco don't?

Since our chat I've been rethinking going to LA one day in the near future. Theres a lot we can do together and now Rachel Clarke seems to be running the New York Geekdinners maybe there is something we could all do together?

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