Some interesting videos I’ve seen recently

So here's a couple of interesting videos I've seen recently,

Rocketboom (yep I still watch it) has a interesting short analysing the different video production used in the democrats announcements videos for the 2008 elections (can't think of a better way to explain them). They also have a good piece about paper or plastic bags and some interesting facts about the internet
and china

On10 has a long piece about the Pioneer DVJ 1000 which is a Digital CD/DVD turntable. The reason why its DVD is so you can mix video along side music. Now I've seen this a while ago but never actually seen it been used live before. Dj Ronnie G does a good job showing off whats possible. Now to be fair I wasn't blown away but made me rethink playing with Virtual
4's ability to mix video at the same time as mixing music.

Large multi touch displays with Jeff Han and Phil Davidson. And I want to archive the other interface stuff which people might have missed over time. Light tracer and Afterglow use laser pens to interesting effect, MIT have something where they use a brush called I/O
and Multitouch research.

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Tom Reynolds at the Citizen Journalism conference

So after my nightmare trip to Birmingham. I did get the conference about 1 hour late, but in time for Tom Reynolds good presentation which cause a nice stir. The room was full of journalism academics and they asked a lot of tricky questions of Tom. Anyway as usual, I recorded the presentation and the questions which
followed (i did do it at the lowest quality sorry). Tom has also added a post about his presentation.

So the talk went pretty well (I think so anyway). The audience mainly consisted of a load of journalism lecturers with one or two from the blooging community. So obviously I felt incredibly qualified to be there…

Thankfully I think I entertained them a bit and gave them a few things to think about. After the talk there was a workshop session and a panel discussion which I also think went well.

The rest of the conference was good too but raised more questions that it answered. I recorded the end panel which is not the best quality because I was so far away and Vicky Taylor from BBC News. Good work Paul

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Rights will make you rich or how to Boag?

I went to Rights will make you rich at one dot zero. Without going into details, it was a interesting debate once the presentations (1) (2) were out of the way although I have no idea what on earth the PSP document is. And one of the highlights of the night was a guy called Saw who was trying to make a point about something and decided
to storm out
in frustration. I didn't quite get the point he was making but it was something to do with freesoftware and opensource. I'm sure it was well thought-out but he left before we got a chance to talk. The rest of the evening wasn't very note worthy and I was too tired to contribute anything to the conversation after the BBC Innovation Forum.

Luckly the Boagworld meetup was far better.

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