Westminster Council, what a bunch of greedy f…

Matthew lead me on to the scheme where Westminster Council will charge motorcyclist a price for parking. It seems to have moved from a joke into something real with legs. I think this so crap and we need to do something about this before it happens and worst still Camden and others start following suite. How dare they claim the cost of securing bikes parking will cost up to 1 pound a day. This is simply wrong and smacks in the face of the congestion charge which is meant to stop congestion in London. Bikes are a good way to get across london and cause very little congestion. Charging for bike parking sends a message that were not welcome. Anyway From London Bikers

Thanks to the efforts of our LB Reporter Mr Toby Stokes – we secured an interview with Westminster Council about the parking scheme. We also asked you what you thought – and here's the video.

Sign the petition here http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/FreeBikeParking/ and visit the campain website here http://www.free4bikers.org.uk/

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