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Dell XPS 1210 size

Ok so what happened next in the saga over my Dell Laptop? Well keeping a long story short, I ended up ordering it through Dell's phone system. The system is one of those indian call centres which everyone talks about. See I usually don't have a problem with them but explaining my web specs over the phone from memory to someone with english as 2nd language is simply painful. Its also not helped when the guy claims to know more about what I want to order that myself. Yes at one point he suggested I don't need Bluetooth
because I already have Wireless. Ummm hello! 1. they are different 2. I'm the customer and thanks for your advice but its time to drop it. He (Hitesh) also didn't want me to get the 1x1024meg Memory module. He told me if I buy the one memory module, the laptop will only have one slot. But if I buy the laptop with 2x512meg Memory configured, it would come with 2 slots making it much easier to upgrade later. In the end I gave up questioning why Dell would make the same laptop with different amounts of slots depending
on your configuration (I can only do so much research).

So why would I put myself through this hell of the phone system when I already ordered it online. Well £150 discount if you order it on the phone. Sarah found out about this, thanks sweetie. My current order is roughly the same with exception of memory but now down to £963 in total. This is great, but I still don't have a set date yet. I'm expecting it to come by the end of the next week latest.

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