On the eve of the BBC Backstage London Christmas Bash

So to everyone out there whos going to the Christmas Bash tomorrow, here's a couple of thoughts on the eve of the bash and before I try and go to bed.

Please enjoy the night, I don't know any event besides conferences which bring together so many new media people. Remember the night is about communities, without the support of our London communities it wouldn't be such a big and grand affair. Likewise the support of our sponsors has been key to making the event totally free and hassle free. The biggest thought goes out to the BBC, who yes I am a member of its staff but is really starting to turn the ship around and move in the correct direction. Its not all there yet, but the fact everyone at work has said how fantastic the bash is and how great a idea it is – speaks volumes. Lets also not forget the fact that the BBC see value in engaging with new media people and had no problem with making this event happen. I'm hoping Tony Ageh will say some words on the BBC's behalf so the peopel can see the true commitment the BBC has for the future of the UK.

Talking about communities our twitter wall was created by nigel crawley whos a backstage member. We'll be doing a review of the event by pointing at other peoples views rather that shouting our own. And finally, remember this is first of its kind event. I know the signup has been a real pain for so many people and people won't stop asking me to squeeze them on to the list. But honestly we're learning and next time who knows… we may hire Abacus which holds 850 people and has multiple rooms and levels. I'm glad we didn't hire the sterling which sits at the bottom of the Gerkin. Its a very nice location but only held 300 people and security would be super tight. We would have had to given a list of names up to 2 weeks before the bash and those names would not be changable. Imagine the nightmare of the guest list tripled and your not even close.

So like I said, enjoy the night and I'll see you all tomorrow (or today).

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Author: Ianforrester

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