London Geek Picnic – 26th August 2006

Diana Memorial Fountain

Almost directly from and following on from my earlier post

This month we're going to do something a little different…

I call it a London Geek Picnic

The geek picnic is simply an excuse to sit around with other geeks, enjoying the sunshine and contributing towards an excellent day of fun. This is also a chance to bring your better half, friend, crush to something geeky but not overally geeky (save it for September).

Who's the Guest?

There will be no guest this time around, so we're providing a soapbox and megaphone for anyone to talk about something geeky. I'm hoping we can get everyone up at one point, even if its for 30secs.
Other entertainment will include Frisbee and anything else people decide to bring

What will you need to bring?

Something to sit on like an old rug, some drinks of your own choosing and something from the list of picnic food and gear. And don't worry besides bringing plastic cups or crisps there will be no other cost. (the list and wiki are being generated)

What about the British Weather?

If it looks like rain a couple of days before, we will cancel the picnic and we'll try again for another better day. If it rains on the day, we can camp out at a local coffee shop till we get sunshine again. I would love to find an alternative venue, if you have one in mind let us know.

How do I sign up?

Unlike previous geekdinner's I need people who sign up to also bring a certain item. So you can now sign up on the wiki by marking your name next to an item or two.


When: Aug 26th 3pm till about 10pm (expect to move on by 10pm)
Hyde Park, London.
Nearest Underground:
Lancaster Gate station
Special Guest: You!
Nothing, just bring something from the list

More details and the link to the wiki (use password ty1t1yyyp1p1) will be published this weekend. Feel free to post a comment to show your interest. please note i moderate comments, they will be authorised asap…

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