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Rather than comment on what's going on in the BBC, I'll just outline some of the major points. If I feel brave later, I may care to comment.

  • BBC Knowledge, Entertainment, Fiction, Nations and Childrens will now be BBC Vision
  • There will be a new division which sits inside of BBC Vision to encorage Indies input
  • New media is now gone and will now be Future media and Technology (FMT)
  • Radio and Music will be platform netrual and will be come BBC Audio and Music
  • BBC News and Sports will be part of BBC Journalism
  • BBC Finance and BBC People will stay about the same
  • Audience and Marketing will be a core part of what we do everywhere.
  • Creative Digital Simple Open (CDSO)
  • If you don't respect the BBC values, maybe the BBC isn't the correct place for you.

Some observations about the Questions and Answers with Mark Thompson after his higher level speech.

Someone mentions there has always been a Radio and TV division since 1936, whats going on? Mark mentions iplayer, downloading content and talks about how under the divisions people are much more closely aligned. Mark hints at the Longtail of content and how that could inspire programme makers. Mark gets grilled about the 360 degree commisioning process and how it could be unfair to indies. Radio and Music drama could fit in Audio and Music or even Vision, Mark suggests they would sit in Audio and Music. Someone suggets iplayer is kind of dull but also offers a huge training issue which can not be ignored. Bouns are on the menu once again, Mark Thompson and Mark Byford talk about supporting 10% bouns (currently at 30%). Mark Thompson is challenged with a question about local independance and how everythings is heading towards centralisation, Mark mentions how we have 23 CMS to make content for the web. Someone ask Ashley Highfield (head of future media and technology) if the technologies should also learn tradional technology like Radio and TV, he agrees. Mark says the new BBC model will be transisional and that we need to be flexiable, envolve and change.

You can see the offical announcment here now

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