Nokia I understand, but I would have pimped the N90 too

Loic with a Nokia N90 phone

Nokia you missed a trick here. Yes I understand you wanted to get the N90 out there by bribing certain bloggers with by giving them a shiny Nokia N90. But I've been talking about buying one for quite sometime now, you may have considered sending one this way. Hey I would have wrote a nice long entry about it and maybe influenced some people to buy one. Of course I would have told everyone that it was given to me and that I'm now a temporary pimp for Nokia N90 phones. But thats not really a problem is it? Oh well my Z list status makes its difficult for these things to happen.

But joking aside, there is something I'm a little uneasy about with Nokia and this story. Will it stop me from buying the phone, hummmm maybe not but I cant help bribinginfluencing people is not the best way to get a product out on the web. But hey what do I know, as the story says Microsoft's being doing it for years. I'll have to see the real details of the arrangements, some rumours were saying Nokia are going to take them back at some point in the future, they would take away the phone if you wrote anything negative about it or wrote nothing at all?

I still can not believe its still not available in the UK under contract on Orange or any other network. There's no way I'm paying 430 pounds for a phone full stop. I'm also hearing rumours about a 3g Microsoft Smartphone device coming in January, so might hold off. Too bad Nokia

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