The Daily Show coming to UK Digital TV soon

Jon Stewart on the Daily show

I'm sorry but the fact that the Daily Show is downloaded and viewed more times online that there are viewers of the comedy central cable network, has got to have a influence on Channel4 picking up the Daily Show for their new Adult Digital TV channel – 4more. A recent quote from a wired interview with Jon Stewart and Ben Karlin (The Daily Show's executive producer).

The Daily Show really exemplifies that sort of new model. It's on a cable network, not broadcast. It's among the most popular shows traded online. People download and watch the whole thing, every day. Were you guys aware of that?

Ben Karlin: Not only am I not aware of that, I don't want to be aware of that.

Well, don't go shutting it down.

Stewart: We're not going to shut it down – we don't even know what it is. I'm having enough trouble just getting porn.

Karlin: If people want to take the show in various forms, I'd say go. But when you're a part of something successful and meaningful, the rule book says don't try to analyze it too much or dissect it. You shouldn't say: “I really want to know what fans think. I really want to understand how people are digesting our show.” Because that is one of those things that you truly have no control over. The one thing that you have control over is the content of the show. But how people are reacting to it, how it's being shared, how it's being discussed, all that other stuff, is absolutely beyond your ability to control.

I'm pretty sure the daily show on 4more will not be the Global edition which I saw on CNN Europe when I was last time in Germany. The global edition is funny too but is not as long removes the interviews and is more a round up of the Daily shows of the week. On the same tip 4more will also have 30 days which was on the subscription only FX channel a while ago. Although, me and Sarah have seen 30 days and download the Daily show automaticly every week. Its going to be great to actually say to our friends “did you see last night's daily show?”

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