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The TV is certainly a dead medium in my house, but me and Sarah do watch mainstream shows like Extras, Catherine Tate, Daily Show, etc like everyone else. But video content is growing online and with free services like youtube, ourmedia, bittorrent and TVRSS making distribution easy. Its easy to see why more of my TV watching time is used up watching content you dont see in the mainstream.

I kept meaning to write something about all the IPTV/vidcasts I have been watching recently. Then today on Digg I found this entry titled Top 15 Tech Shows

This is a list of the best free downloadable tech shows currently available on the Internet. These shows are also referred to as vidcasts, VODcasts, videozines, and IPTV

The once I watch myself are,
Diggnation, my current fav. Two people from TechTV (krose and alex) talk about the top 10 stories on Digg every week. Simlar to Slashdot review but in video form.
Digital Life TV, downloaded the videos but not actually checked this one out yet.
Systm, very polished and professional mainstream hacking show, perfect for airing on a TV network.
The Broken, the first decent hacking show to appear on the web as a vidcast. Kevin rose again and techtv people but all good fun.
From The Shadows, very good hacking and modding show. Quite professional but full of interesting hacks. Well worth checking out there recent Defcon coverage.
The Scene, a slightly geeky but somewhat lame soap about the movie scene. Entertainment value is not bad, when I was sitting on the crowded train.
Hack Point Five, is pretty funny and doesnt take its self so seriously like from the shadows etc.
Channel 9, as it tends to have previews and quite interesting interviews with people behind Microsoft products. It can be hit and miss however.
Rocketboom, because amanda congdon is a geek goddess and this show is as somewhat like the jon stewart's daily show but for internet culture. Think of it as BoingboingTV crossed with the daily show and your close.

I'm going to check out the others soon, maybe you should give them a try? I only wished they all supported TVRSS, but I'm working on ways to get them all into one feed a bit like how Jon did for Systm and Diggnation.

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