DTV and the RSS enabled Television

DTV Beta screenshot

Broadcast TV is indeed dead in my house. I'm hearing about good things to watch via friends and family and downloading them via UKnova and other torrent feeds. Its working so well except one thing.
Managing all these RSS feeds is becoming difficult. At this moment I have my bloglines feeds which I use on my laptop and desktop machines. I also finally got PocketRSS to read straight from bloglines and build a subscription list from the OPML. But I have another set of feeds which I use in my torrent client Azuerus for TVRSS type downloading. It works well but more and more podcasts I'm subscribing to also deliever video media.

I orginally thought FireAnt would do well in this new role but It seems to want to take over from my torrent client, RSS reader and video player. Sucky indeed! But there something new which I spotted recently. DTV Beta. It seems to have everything which FireAnt has but is GPL and is backed up with the Broadcast machine.and supports Yahoo Media extensions along with standard enclosures. I'm expecting the next version of Windows media player will also do simular things, but it looks like iTunes 5.0 will be first out of the blocks in the same area. I'm assuming the majors will deliver your big name content and leave small producers out in the cold again. Anyhow, roll on the Windows version!

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