Great Night at Donnie Darko in the Park

The screen from our spot

We had a great evening and night at Donnie Darko in the park. Listening to the national symphony orchestra playing live versions of Donnie Darko theme and background music was great while people found places to sit. My favour titled the Tangent Universe was very enjoyable to hear live. Then about 9:30pm there was a short interview with Richard Kelly, where he thanked us all for attending the showing and supporting the film. He also talked about his new film which he's currently working on. Kelly sounded confident in proving the critics. he is not a one trick pony. After which the film started with a lots of clapping and cheering from the now huge audience. When I first sat down, I never expected people to be sitting all the way at the entrance which was some distance away from the screen, but it certainly happened. I'm so glad the version they played of Donnie Darko was the orginal version not the watered down directors cut. No offense, but that was obviously made for those who didnt quite get the orginal version. I highly recommend this experience if there is a Stella screening with a film you really enjoy.

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