As the police request for media of the blasts…

No to terrorism

…bloggers, grassroot journalist and the cameraphone carrying public can be proud of the great work they have done. Not only some of the best pictures and videos of the tragedy could also be used for evidence in capturing the actual people who took part. Like Dan Gillmor, I turned to the BBC then the guardian then to the blogosphere, wikinews and google news.

Some of the highlights of the terriable tragedy,

Flickr: Photos on day of bombing in London – Flickr becomes a great resource for the latest pictures.

Wikinews: Coordinated terrorist attack in London – Collaborative news finally starting to work

LA Times on cameraphone coverage of London bombings, indeed the watershed moment in the history of media journalism.

Forbes interviewing Adam Stacey about his natrual reaction to film and take pictures from the choas underground.

Some signs, large media is starting to get the future picture of breaking news and the longevity of such terriable stories.Public provides new dimension to media coverage by the guardian.Mobiles capture blast aftermath and lots more by Jo Twist of the BBC.

Missing persons groups, although the BBC one will get more views flickr really allows for the interaction which could in the end be that life changing result.

The infinite space of the internet allows for voices which are sometimes hard to swallow and sometimes unvalued voices which the mainstream media wouldnt be interested in. For another example of this, I recieved a Spanish Trackback on my blog entry (sarah tried to translate, but found her spanish tougue a little missing). Its really intereting to hear from other countries besides america what they thought of the attacks. And it would be great to hear what the people of madrid (or even spain) thought of the attacks in light of there own attacks last year.

Everyone can take the opportunity read and write no matter how small there involvement but not only that do it on there own terms. My wife gave an telephone interview to her local paper back in Racine (near chicago) where her parents still live. However the Journal times misquoted and screwed my wife over for the story they wanted to write. Nothing new, I hear you say but in this new world Sarah can have her say and call them on the crap there writing it in a way publicly which was never heard of. And even if things do kinda of work out but not quite Sarah can keep them on there toes.

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