London in choas after early morning blasts

London underground sign

Just one day after London winning the Olympic bid for 2012, London is in choas from power surges and explosives on buses and its still only 1030. The underground has been shutdown and there are reports of more explosions on other buses.

The aftermath of a bus bomb

Its now 1112 and another bus bomb has been confirmed. Almost everyone is saying this is a terriost attack of some kind. Blair is going to make a live announcement at noon from the gleneagle, Scotland. No one quite knows whats happening but its certain people are quite calm and walking around trying to call friends and family on a well congested mobile network. Theres also talk that some mobile phone operators shuting down normal calls. The police reckon there have been in total 6 blasts and there may be more to come. Theres also now talk about Train stations in Swindon, Bristol, Brighton being closed and cleared just in case. All bus in central London have been stopped and doubled checked.

map of blasts in London

Ok at 1129, a BBC security journalist (Frank Gardner?) is claiming they have evidance to say Al Qaida are to blame for these attacks on London. I believe just around this time Cobra came into effect.
Its 1202, and a shocked Tony Blair is on. Blair will be making his way to London within 2 hours. Talks about it being a terroist attack to go with the G8 summit, and how we will be defeating terroism. Back in London, all major buildings are in lock down.
1241 and its lots of talk and nothing much else – thank goodness! Flickr is doing a good job of displaying images of the media coverage. Tag bomb and Bigdaddymerk. Google news is also doing quite well when the BBC news site was over flooded with traffic.

Technorati Screenshot

Its now late in the night and the nightmare day is almost over for now. For a complete review its best to look at the BBC's great coverage of all the attacks. I had a look around the web and the screen shot of technorati says it all. 9 out of 10 searches have been on the same terriable event. Interestingly enough BBC tried to cover a bit of what was going on online here.
I really hope someone is saving the screenshots of the indexes on some of the major news websites. MSNBC and CNN have gone so far over the top till I saw Fox news. Compare these indexes to the guardian, nytimes, washingtonpost and of the bbc. I'm glad to see Wikinews is actually creating a very good page about the London blasts.

Well all I personally can say is, tomorrow I will be returning to work and will happily ride the train, tube or a bus. This terriable event points to the fact we helped America in the unjust war were still involved in, although a majority of people here were against it. I do worry that there maybe more attacks like this, but I wont let the fear take over my life in this wonderful multicultural city. The people who planed and excuted the bombs are nut jobs and can claim to be of what ever religious background they want. But the fact remains that people who were killed and injured were of all faiths, religions, colour and background. Tomorrow we shall see both sides using the London blasts for there own means but also tomorrow we shall also see a city going back to work with its head up high. Yes I do sometimes love London.

Tomorrow has come and its already started. From a Fox news reporter, talking about yesterdays blasts.

…these people are, If necessary, prepared to spill Arab blood in addition to the blood of regular — of nonarab people living in London

This is not creepy, its truly wrong, twisted and sick! via Boingboing

Boing Boing pal Danny O Brien says, “Fox News doesn't think some Londoners are real Londoners. Here, an overexcited Fox News reporter catches himself dividing beleaguered Londoners into 'Arab' and 'regular' people. Creepy.” Link to video.

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