Julie Howell recognise for her great work

Julie Howell

This is great to see, Julie Howell who is well known for her accessability work at the RNIB. Was awarded a NMA award just recently. I was suprised because usually awards like this dont go to people like Julie. I think she deserves this award and whole lot more. No one works harder than Julie in this area…

Howell, who has been in the job since 2003, is a tireless campaigner for Web site accessibility. She's keen to point out the business benefits of accessibility, as well as the legal requirements, but she's intolerant of companies that want to do the bare minimum to keep their Web sites on the right side of the law.

Julie honestly works so hard in the area of accessability. A while ago I convinced her to give a lecture to Ravensbourne College, and I really got a chance to talk to this amazing woman. Good on you Julie and this is great news for web accessability.

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