Project Mayhem 3 skin

Project Mayhem 3.0

Ok I was so wrong about the Xbox mediacentre's Project Mayhem 3 skin. I adored Project Mayhem 2 and was quite verbal about my dislike for the new version and it replacing project mayhem 1 and 2 as the default skin for xbmc. Till I installed a june cvs build and minimised some video. Damm it, real time transparency of live video behind the GUI of xbox media centre – Chokemaniac you really are spoiling us! Yes its simple but I'm telling you its beautiful to see in action. Its so slick and sweet and certainly adds extra level of professionalism to the xbmc. Add this to the audioscrobbler support which I'm also loving and you pretty much got a perfect media centre now. I have added some pictures to flickr with the tag projectmayhem3 but I really need to take a movie to express what really goes on when you do certain things. Full repect to Jon for coverage of the new features.

How Project Mayhem 3 deals with music now.

Listening to Slusher while browsing around xbmcProject Mayhem 3's new transparency feature

How Project Mayhem 3 deals with video now.

Yep thats real transparencyCould you watch a movie like this?

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