Planning for XTech

My setup for the XTECH conference

Edd Dumbill has used some type of aggregation system to pull together all the various Xtech information into Planet Xtech. It works pretty well except for the wiki changes but there short and easily scanable. I'm subscribed to the RSS feed as I prefer it to reading the page. The good thing is my global watch lists still apply so I'm able to be notified if something of interest comes up. Technorati is also a pain because it brings up older posts says Edd, and you can certainly see that. I'm also wondering why Technorati is not showing any of my posts? This one has the Xtech tag attached like previous ones. Anyhow theres some more indepth thought here. To me its all a no brainer, I had setup a special group in Jager and added technorati, flickr, recent wiki entries and entries into it. So I pretty much had PlanetXtech on my own machine. But this is exact the kind of thing Cocoon is great at doing, and I guess if I was asked to do the same, would have used Cocoon and XSL.

Anyhow, I'm all setup and ready for Xtech now. As you can see in the picture above. I got a feeling if Miles didnt buy me a Flickr Pro account for my Birthday (thanks again for that Miles, and what a good idea for a birthday present) I would have to buy one by the end of Xtech. Pixory is still doing me well at home, but is cripled by my 256k upload on the ADSL, plus it doesnt have the social aspects of Flickr of course. Like the decentralised nature of blogging it will come in time via methods like trackback, aggregation, tagging but not quite yet.

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