xbox 360 baby!

Being away on holiday without a decent connection had its disadvantages. I knew and saw the MTV preview trailer for xbox 360 online a few days before I left london and knew sometime friday all would be reveled. But it wasn't till I got back on the road and enter Devon again that i could get a decent 3g connection and get my email again. Tony sent me a email titled xbox 360 baby!

Xbox 360,

Boy oh boy!, Roll on November…………

Xenon 3.2Ghz with 3 Cores WHAT!!!!! and 512 Ram this will surely piss on the PS3 or PS4 or PS9999.

I can't wait to pre-order one.

Cheers Tony

Well well, triple core 3.2ghz cpu and 512 meg of system memory for the next xbox which is going to launch late this year. What is triple core? Well I guess its 3 xeon (my mistake from when the details were still a little short in cornwall) IBM G5 type processors sharing the same level 1, 2 and 3 cache across the whole processor board. Certainty in any case the cpu sounds quite amazing. After some time I was able to get online and check out Full coverage of everything xbox 360 at team xbox

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  • Some under played news around the xbox 360 launch. Neon the light synthesiser by Llamasoft will be built directly in the rom of the xbox 360. Wicked stuff which I'll look forward to playing with. I actually bought some earlier light synthesisers (Trip a Tron and Colourspace) for my Atari ST all that time ago, the Atari Jaguar was the last console to see a decent light synthesiser.
    Sony Reaction to Xbox360 Unveiling could mean Playstation 3 or Playstation Cell will be released sooner that later.

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