Automated Torrent TV with RSS and Azureus

So finally I have fully setup Azureus to automaticly download almost all the media me and sarah watch weekly. This includes the Daily show, Twenty four (only set it for the rest of this season), etc. I was testing TV RSS a while ago but after seeing Jon's RSS+Torrent entry, I switched to using a RSS feed plugin for Azureus on my windows workstation. I have to say its pretty damm good and the only difficult thing is getting your Regular Expression query tuned so you dont collect reposts, same media from different rss feeds, etc. I'm using a program called Regex Coach to test stuff out before applying them to Azureus. I highly suggest using a system like this as its automation is really quite good now. I'm hoping to get a RSS feed out of Azureus sometime soon, so I can keep an eye of whats going on without being at the actual machine.

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Author: Ianforrester

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