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Kelvin was talking to me about RSS in the new Safari RSS browser. And I mentioned the buzz about the new RSS screensaver, which I forgot to ask him about last time. Well he sent me a link to a quicktime movie of the screensaver in action. Although its quite wanky, I love it! My pocketpc has a passive RSS section for the today screen which works for grabbing you eye once in a while with new news. Well this is the logical conclusion of the same idea. There has been lots of talk about its usability, but you know what I got a RSS reader on my xbox and its works in the same way. Just passively grabbing your eye when something interesting comes along.

So I'm not getting a mac anytime soon, so what can I do? Well with some searching I found this which RSS screensaver quite nice. Accenture also has one, which I have yet to try. This tutorial also looks quite useful. I give Apple the fact that these screensavers are no where near as juicy as theres but I'm sure someone will do something simlar soon. I was actually thinking, if you combine a VRML screensaver with a XMLhttpRequest and some well thought out XSL. You could build something quite striking.

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