New video distribution platforms

This April feels like an innovative month. While Google ready there video distribution platform via slashdot. The great people behind Downhill Battle have launched a new open source video platform which is based on there BattleTorrent system. This certainly beats Nullsoft's NSV system and but makes me wonder why there is no join up between ourmedia and participatoryculture. This all fits quite nicely with my past post about the creative archive which got its day on slashdot, plus Hollywood is finally getting it and thinking about Bittorrent for distribution.

For myself almost every single piece of video content I consume is through the net now, and this has opened up an chance to get stuff which relates better to myself that usual TV. For example Kevin Rose from the Screensavers fame creates short videos for a narrow audience of geeks and hackers. Such a market is very badly served by TV and some what Radio. But and his new systm (yet to see any videos) are good to watch form part of my usual video consuming lifestyle. Talking of which, the scene is also forming part of my crowded train time on the pocketpc. Its perfect because its short and theres not a lot of talking to be missed by a delayed train announcement. I treat it like Hollyoaks or someother soap, which is light entertainment and drama. I'm hoping more of these types of narrowcasted shows and documentary's as such will be created by the tools and distribution methods introduced people like Downhill Battle. And of course I'm thinking very hard about creating my own shows which have a narrow audience.

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