Blogmatrix shifts focus and grows a 360 business model?

I was just browsing around and noticed Blogmatrix have redone there website. But thats only the start, yep Sparks! is out of beta and is now on version 2.0 for Mac and PC it would seem. Theres a new pricing and business model too… Now not only do you get this great client for RSS, recording and podcasts but you can upload and record your own podcasts and store them on blogmatrix's 150 meg per user storage server as long as you only do 4 unique uploads a day. Which is ideal for podcasting really. Theres also a option to upgrade space and the customise the client for businesses and large scale operations. This is a serious shift because now you can listen to a podcast and reply with your own right there and then. Blogmatrix are even planning on turning files into torrents for you which would save so much hassle! With all the talk about 360 degrees recently, I would say this is pretty close to a complete 360 degree product and service – and I welcome the change of focus and sharp business move. Only one thing seems to be missing in my mind, if you read a RSS entry the only was to reply is via comments. For consistency wouldnt it be good to have some simple XML-RPC client built into Sparks! which would pingback or trackback to the article, entry, post you were just reading? I would dump w.bloggar like a shot if it did.

Just thinking about Jaeger's position now, I would like to see it have all the features of Sparks! but without the creation and recording internet radio features. So just improve on whats currently in it and take some features like posting and podcast/attachment download queue from Sparks! It would be a real shame if Jager just got forgotten behind this great service and application of Sparks! By the way, Doc Searls has a interesting piece to say about Blogmatrix, while Ross Rader doesnt really say anything but is all the way behind Sparks!

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