Moving from personal server to real hosting

I have made the choice to move away from using my server to host Last month I used over 10 gig of upload bandwidth just serving This is not ideal while on my standard 512k down | 256k up ADSL broadband connection, which may be strange for some of you guys else where in the world with DSL connections. Also next month the domain name is up for renewal, and I'm not sticking with UK2's stupid framed redirect crap. It drives me and others nuts everytime I suggest going to, I also swear once I sort out the paragraph and blockquote validation issues – I will mighty ignoyed to know the frame is invaliding my site.

Anyhow with my rant over, I'm looking for a cheap hosting company which runs either Tomcat, Resin, Jboss or some other upto date Java Servlet container. Will transfer my domain name over from UK2 and are cheap and come with about 100+ meg of server space. I need to run Blojsom, Cocoon and Flock on the server and I do not need PHP, Perl, Frontpage extensions or CGI's. I may use some kind of database like MySQL in the future but its not needed right now.
So thats an open offer to hosting companys to get in contact with me, or if anyone knows hosting companys I should consider or could get a discount on let me know soon.

So far seem to be the best value for money, and it would seem even there sales people are clued up going by the answer to one of my questions yesterday.

4. Would it be possible to disable PHP, Frontpage Extentsions, Perl, etc support? I also will unlikely need the databases, can these be disabled and enabled later?

FrontPage is only enabled on an as-needed basis. We run Apache as a front-end to Tomcat on port 80, so I don't think disabling PHP for one site will be much of an option unless you just put some PHP directives in the root directory's .htaccess so as to limit what PHP can do. Perl can't really be disabled. Are you wanting to disable PHP/Perl for security reasons? I've never seen any successful hacks at all on Tomcat-only sites. Nearly all hack attempts are brute-force password guesses or exploitation of specific security holes in popular open-source software (PHPBB has been hit hard during the last few months, but PHP-Nuke used to be a hacker favorite, so was the Coppermine Photo Gallery).

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