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My current choice of DJ software falls between VirtualDJ and AtomixMp3 which are produced by the same company and cost quite a bit of money. Now when (if… as its looking less likely I will get the money for the tabletPC.) I switch to the OSX platform, I need something which does a good job in the remixing tunes area. See this is the thing, I get so much wicked tunes now from TranceTraffic and I keep thinking and dreaming about how these tunes fit together, rather than just listening to them. Anyhow, Tima's post titled Garage Band for Dj's, made me think why isnt there a Dj application based on iTunes? (Yeah and would you believe I only started liking iTunes recently?)

I want more then a fix though. In my dreams what I wish for is the ability to program crossfading cues and levels into my playlists. I think of it as making iTunes the GarageBand for DJs. That would be pretty innovative and cool. The real trick comes in making the interface easy and intuitive for the average user.

Well I agree with Tina somewhat, but honesly Winamp has had this feature for a long time. It was even possible to dj with winamp because you could add pitch control, which at the time was very slow and poor quality. But I bet now it could easily be done with the hardware of a sound card. Anyway, I take her point about the interface. Its one the things which still drives me nuts today. DJ applications still copy the Vinyl or CD market! I mean come on, do something different for someones sake. Dare I utter the words? Think different? – oh no its happening, I'm turning into a mac head, someone help me! Back to a reality where i'm not talking apple. I mean take for example, Tim's suggestion of DJ 1800. Yeah nice idea but come on, why copy a CD mixer setup on a Laptop screen? I thought Mac people were meant to be innovative and care about the user experience? Yeah really looks like it. Come on Apple, this has to be ideal move for you guys. You can see it now, buy your tunes from the itunes store, play them and remix them with iDj and share them with your friends? Ok maybe not the last part…

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