Cutting RSS short

I am becoming quite obsessive about sites that provide RSS feeds but only a line or two. Some drive me up the wall when they only show the head title and nothing more. The whole point of Syndication is syndication surely? I understand that news sites want to drive people to the site. So take BBC for example, there feed only shows the headline and a brief paragraph of text. Fine, I can live with that…
But I can not live with sites like which only show the title or much worst still ftrain, Jono the blog and demosgreenhouse. I'm sorry but for example Douglas Rushkoff supplys a full feed without any trouble and he's blog is read by many many people. Techdirt Corporate Intelligence is a another example of how easy the temptation of full feeds can be…
I dont really understand the reason except advertising for not showing all the content in a feed?

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Author: Ianforrester

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