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So Amazon have launched there A9 search engine, and I've been checking it out.

First thoughts, its a little large and the style is down a touch from even all the web. Certainly not your google or teoma. But how good is it? Well its a odd beast. A search for cubicgarden my own site gets results close to google, but check out that url! Wow now interesting… No query strings for A9 it would seem. : A9 : All the web/Fast : Teoma : Google

Interesting enough Teoma looks at my mixes and finds some lostfeeds stuff, some comments I've made on city of minneapolis and built for the future. While All the web does pretty much the same, but avoids the nackerd lostfeeds links. Google and A9 generate almost the same results except… 1,510 for cubicgarden. (0.09 seconds) from Google and only 52 for A9… Looking at the results too, A9 picks the best ones of googles selection. Even when you get close to the end of 52. I'm still getting good results. Noticed the querystring finally gets used via pages.

So yeah I'm basicly saying this A9 stuff is good, and I havent signed in yet…Which you need to do to use search history and other features. Nice url by the way amazon.

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