Pronom a new service for 2004

Was flying through today looking for enough information to contribute to the National Archives Pronom application. And came across this nice openoffice ebook which is free to download and read online.

What is Pronom? Well let them tell you…

PRONOM is a database of information about the technical dependencies upon which access to electronic records may rely. It contains information about the file formats in which electronic records may be stored, the software products required to create, render and migrate these formats, and the vendors who develop these products. It includes product support life cycle information, to facilitate technology watch within digital archives. The PRONOM database can be searched online, and reports produced in a variety of formats. The system currently holds details of, 550 file formats, 250 software products, and 100 vendors, and records are being added on a regular basis. We also actively encourage the submission of new information for inclusion on PRONOM, and an online submission form is provided for this purpose. The website also includes details of our plans for significant future developments to both the content and the functionality of the system.

PRONOM was developed by The National Archives' Digital Preservation Department, as a tool to support TNA's own digital archive. However, we hope and anticipate that PRONOM will also provide a valuable resource for the wider digital preservation community. As such, we very much welcome feedback on both the current version of PRONOM and our future plans. All feedback should be sent to:

More information can be found under the menu on the left side of PRONOM Go check it out and contribute more information.

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