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Finally got a machine setup for Smoothwall 2.0. The Machine is a Pentium 2 233mmx with all of 64meg of 100mhz memory and a 3 gig hard drive. Unfortually I've run out of video cards so I'm using a FireGL 1000 pro which orginally thought was a powerful 32meg FireGL 1 card. But it seems it wont be so wasted as its only a 8 meg card and wouldnt be a good idea to swap with my 64meg ATI Radion card. Specially seeing how the Smoothwall server has no display, keyboard or mouse now. I however did put in two 3Com network cards and my ADSL PCI modem card in the hope smoothwall would pick it up, it seems it didnt and I'm now stick using the Green frog usb modem till I sort it out.

So tomorrow when i get up, I will take down the current server and change my network setup till i get it all working behind smoothwall. Better hope google caches this before it goes down later today…

If you can see this post, then i'm now sitting behind a linux firewall and everything is working well… love it when a plan comes together.

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Author: Ianforrester

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