Dreamix Q-A session 7:00pm EST / 00:00 GMT

Dreamix crew doing a session on IRC tonight, so I'll try and stay up and listen in. More info at xbox scene. Will try and keep a log of all what happens.

Oh also reading this – Beyond hacking the xbox, while i wait for the modderated chat at midnight.

I was blogging it live, and poped open the avi they gave us while watching tv and computer crashed so i lost my log! Sorry guys…will ask some one for there log later. Should have used mirc rather than chatzilla.

The Dreamix project began with the goal of bringing PVR features to the Microsoft Xbox. Due to the magnitude of the project, we have slightly veered off course from this goal, however we have not totally abandoned the idea. Dreamix in its current form is a standalone set-top box, which runs the Linux based Dreamix Embedded OS, an operating system specially engineered for multimedia applications. Our goal is to create the next generation set-top box, including 3D support, MPEG-4, and future HDTV support. In our second generation product, we plan to unofficial support the Microsoft Xbox. The reason support for the Xbox was excluded from the first generation design is because of difficulties in producing a viable product, which would be limited to modified Xboxes, as well as technical difficulties in implementing such features using the information currently available on the Xbox hardware.

What the xbox scene forums have to say about it – OW! now that hurts!

Some one did get all the questions however, I've downloaded just incase it gets taken down. Heres my copy

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