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Seen this on Pretty much covers what I already knew about authoring xml. However there are some interesting points.

A shame, too, that while Microsoft has brought XML into the Word and Excel products, Outlook does not permit XML document creation. – Yes they couldnt even put in ical support.
Udell suggested that a way of doing this might be through using style as a back door. Many people are willing to spend a long time on getting the look of a document right, but not be willing to spend that time on metadata creation. Udell suggested that by providing metadata-significant styles, authoring tools creators could encourage more preservation of context in communication through the carrot of creating beautiful documents. – Now thats interesting, I'd never thought of that. I've used implied structures.
Interesting talk about Adobe, as it seems there starting to get there smart documents and network publishing together now. Will have to look into it later on, but I like what i'm hearing…
The smart documents contain three elements: the document part, including XSL-FO and SVG for presentation; the forms part, using XSLT and JavaScript for validation and adaptation; and metadata, using Adobe's XMP (a restricted RDF). – More under the blog.The XML documents can be filled out through Adobe Acrobat Reader – Now thats a super smart move by Adobe, weve already seen SVG being trojan'ed onto peoples machines through Acrobat reader. Now its the Smart documents time.

The starting point
Xforms examples, yum yum…

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