Nico macdonald uncovered

I came across Nico Macdonald's website the other day. If you dont know who he is, I know him through his AIGA design talks he hosts every month which I usually attend.

Anyway it would seem he doesnt have a blog but some very interesting articles to do with social aspects of technology.
Started to read The future of weblogging which seems to be either inspired or otherway around by the event I attended a while back gone to the blogs. Where I do remember Nico also being too. The dangers of social engineering in design. also was a good read. I also got seduced away by some very tasty links in Nicos communication section, which your'll see more of in later blogs.

Oh yeah, I also noted something interesting in the facilitation section. Its basicly a small events-ish calendar almost in the same form of Louise Fergusons. Except it seems to be written in a more structured way. Just by looking at the code quickly I think I could write a xsl to transform the events out of that page into icals. But I'll have to check it some other time. Too busy reading Guardian arcticles.

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