Matrix 3 – Revolutions trailer

The trailer is out there.
Downloaded the TGF version from alt.binaries.multimedia tonight, sick quality, looked like a hi quality dvd on my xbox.

Heres the nfo which came with it. If you can find it download it because its actually better quality than the version you get from the matrix site plus its damm 5.1 digital surround sound. I love Dolby Digital…Humm

TGF Proudly Presents

               Movie: Matrix Revolutions
               Title: Theatrical Trailer
              Format: WMV9 VCM + AC3 DD 5.1 wrapped in AVI
   Format Resolution: 1280x720p FILM Progressive
       Video Bitrate: 6.4 Mbit/sec Average
                      20.0 Mbit/burst 2-pass VBR
       Audio Bitrate: Remastered 224 kbps AC3 DD 2.0
                Size: 127,406,080 bytes	(127.4MB)
        Release Date: 29/09/2003


        Quite simply, I'm releasing this
        version of the theatrical trailer
       for HTPC users lucky enough to have
       DLP PJ's which are 1280x720 native
        or higher. Play this on your 100"
       screen and let me know how good it
             makes your system look.

   Or heck. Anyone with an HTPC hooked up to
             an HDTV set or monitor.

                  Release Notes

       This requires WM9 Video Codec and a
     DirectShow AC3 filter (e.g. ac3filter).
          ZoomPlayer is recommended for
     playback but WMP 6.4 or WMP9 will work.

         P4 2.4 GHz class or higher with
      DXVA AGP 4X/8X Video card recommended
                  for playback.

                   Group News


   I'm not a group. I'm an independent releaser.
  I strive for quality over speed above anything
     else. It's all about pushing technology
              and the envelope.


   People have yearn for more true HDTV content.
        WMV9 and XviD @ HDTV resolutions.
            Flames about choosing an
    M$ codec will be sent straight to /dev/null.


      My DVD5's are my masterpiece. Carefully
    mastered from TRUE HDTV raw MPEG-2 sources
   giving you studio quality DVD releases. Who
    else can claim untouched AC3 streams, and
   beautifully remastered HDTV to DVD content.

Looking forward to seeing Matrix 3 in Berlin, Germany now. Hoping to see it on a really large screen maybe imax?

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