The first day at the Thinking Digital conference

Tara Hunt talks about BarCamp

Backstage is supporting the Thinking Digital conference in Gateshead/Newcastle. Its a new conference along the lines of TED/Pop!Tech but based in the North of England and not exclusive to the in crowd.The conference has great wireless and so we're able to upload videos straight from the conference only a few moments after the speaker was on stage.

Day one

Session 1: The Future of Media
Matt Locke
Eric Lindstrom & Steve Jelley
Jeremy Silver

Session 2: United We Stand

Darren Thwaites
Ian Kennedy
Tara Hunt

An Entrepreneur's Story
Sean Phelan

Thinking Digital Tech Demo

Steve Clayton

Session 3: Happiness
Helen Fisher
Caspar Berry
Jonathan Harris

Session 4: The Singularity
Ian Neild
Ray Kurzweil (via Teleportec)

Almost every talk is special but all the talks about happiness which I have to say were the best of the day.

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