Yum Yum – Sheer Kitchen and Gravity Chair

Sheer kitchen

If I was building a new house, this would be in it.

The most gorgeous use of design and space for a kitchen I've ever seen. It seems as people get older, they want bigger rooms for everything – the kitchen is no exception. I see beautiful kitchen showrooms all the time but in reality, the space in my home and many others is limited. The Sheer Kitchen addresses those issues by becoming the centerpiece, the light source and the utilitarian work top all in one.

And the Stokke Gravity Balans Chair

Stokke gravity chair

The Stokke Gravity balans chair is the first chair of its kind to simulate zero gravity in multiple seating positions. Although technically, gravity is still there, the design uses your own weight as a counter balance making it feel as if your're floating in the chair – whether upright to get some work done or reclined for a quick nap.

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