Magnetic Resonance Stimulation or MRS the lecture

MRS 2000

So my hypo-therapist Shannon douglas on the first day talked to me about MRS (Magnetic Resonance Stimulation) and this guy called Wolfgang Jaksch, When she (Shannon) first explained about it, I honestly did think, hummmm I’m not so sure about this. Skepticism certainly did set in, specially when she explained how much the device (the matt) cost. £2000+!!!

Anyway I decided since the hypnotherapy did work for me, I thought I’d give the MRS lecture a try. Heck it was free anyway and I could voice my skepticism if needed. The worst that would happen is they would tell me to get lost. So the day comes around and I turn up at the Novatel hotel and find the room where the lecture is due to happen. Theres a few people sitting down in a school layout of a room and I take a seat at the very back.

Wolfgangs lecture

The lecture starts and well Wolfgang seemed nice enough. He went through his background and how he found about the MRS machine due to his cancer (he had stage 4 cancer at 26) which he had surgery on. Now to be clear he never said he used it to replace modern medicine, instead he talked about how it was a great comfort for afterwards when he went through the chemotherapy. He then explained how it works. So generally he said theres a lot changed in our environment over the last 150 years and electronic interference has greatly increased. While we haven’t changed enough to cope with these major changes in our environment. He used the term Electro-smog to explain it.

Then he pulled out some device to demonstrate the electronic activity of his laptop, a watch and other things around the room. As you can imagine, they all made a nasty noise while putting above the MRS matt when it was switched on, gave a much more gentle pulsing sound.

The claim is that using the matt/machine stimulates cells in the body to grow more quickly that before through its pulsed electro magnetic field. And off the back of that it can aid (He always said its a aid and not a replacement for traditional medicine) with recover of many things. This obviously is in part with a positive lifestyle, a well balanced diet and positive thinking.

There were people in the room who swear by the Matt, as you’d expect. But also there was Alex Worsley who is a alternative health adviser. I had met her earlier last week in BoConcept while getting the Todem. She sat next to me when she came in late and kept passing her broken iphone 3 over with messages to me while the lecture finished up. She came with a brilliant question in the end. Wolfgang had said how lying in the park helps rebalance our electrochemistry, and Alex asked the question "if that is true how come she always feels worst afterward spending time on the matt?" The obvious answer which I did say but Wolfgang rejected, was that Alex and everyone has slightly different body rhythm/tone/whatever and she would need to set the machine to match her’s. However Wolfgang just said there was something wrong with her and the machine was indicating that some how. Now looking at Alex (shes a homeopath and reading about her) I think Wolfgang was dead wrong. Anyway later he seemed to indicate that, as I thought people might have slightly different frequences/tone/rhythm, so you would need to set the machine to match that.

What I think

So I do think there is more to the radio interference that we really understand but I’m not so sure simply using this matt everyday will increase cell division and therefore improve the body’s natural deference. Its helped a lot of people but I’m not convinced.

Wolfgang did make a point that Animals find the matt attractive because of the natural low pulsing frequency it gives off.

I asked Wolfgang, why don’t you open source the matt and the electronics which make the matt? So it benefits society and not just a privileged few who can afford it. He came back with a surprising answer, beyond lending the matt to people for a trial, the matt and the electronics which surround it are not patented and someone could make a copy. In actual fact there are others but there not exactly the same concept, instead they do something slightly different/wrong. He welcomed me to copy the contents of the machine.

Later after dinner, he said to me his comment about google being the global search engine was much more about a company owning it that the concept of global knowledge being very accessible to almost anyone. He also admitted that he was a wealthy man and he loved traveling place to place talking about the MRS machine. If he could create a cheaper version he would love to be a part of that. Ideally he would like to see more using it, even if that means he wouldn’t get a penny from the profits. All very noble but there is a massive question mark over does it actually work (in my mind). I guess we’ll never really know unless its cheap enough for us all to use and evaluate.

Shannon, Wolfgang Jaksch and the rest of the crew are actually really nice people, I don’t think there charlatans in actual fact they base a lot in science and reason. A lot of what they talk about may turn out to have some legs, they are waiting for science and reason to catch up. But on the MRS matt, I stand somewhat on the non-believer side. I think its somewhat amazing that Wolfgang has dedicated his life to educating the world about this but it also most of the hallmarks of something unsettlingly scammy. Occam’s razer says

all things being equal, the simplest solution tends to be the best one

If playing a ultra low pulsed signal really does increase cell reproduction then I can see how the rest of the claims are somewhat valid. But as a message in Alex’s broken iPhone 3gs said, we didnt really hear enough how that part works. Even Wolfgangs diagram of how frequencies all effect each other didn’t sound quite right to me. The radio spectrum is large/wide enough that lots of the radiospace never touch each other for example the FM space is crowded with frequencies but only runs between 87 megaherz and 108 megahertz, so a 50hz frequency will never interfere with a 1hz frequency for example, let alone a 48hz frequency.

So again, I’m thankful that I got the chance to hear and evaluate MRS, and the meal afterwards was very yummy. I wish them luck in the future, hopefully they will prove it to be helpful and it will end up just being a regular part of our traditional medical knowledge in the future.