Google Eats Technorati For Breakfast?

Some good news for Google found via Techmeme

Google launched its blog search engine more than a year ago, but only last week did it finally pass category leader Technorati, according to Hitwise. The surge in traffic to Google's beta blog search started in October when Google News began to link to it prominently, but what pushed it over the top is a prominent link on Google's
main homepage.

Google currently ahead of Technorati graph

And have to say, good for Google. I love technorati and have tried to get on with it but when it comes to my own blog its got serious problems. Do a search for Ian Forrester on Google and Technorati. On Technorati you only see one post I wrote which is actually for my other blog
(flow *). While on Google you get a pretty much upto date list of entries from my blogs and even a link to my blog in related blogs. I'm sorry but Google blogsearch is much more effective at indexing my blog. I've said it to Dave Sifry when he was over here in London last time. I think technorati does not like Blojsom the blogging server, and seems to throw a wobbly on my http redirector page (which is now gone – thanks to the server upgrade). Technorati
seems to love MT, blogger and WordPress blogs. But seems to rank ones like blojsom, roller, etc much lower. Some would ask if I've claimed my blog? Well yes I claimed them ages ago and its made little difference. As far as Technorati is concerned I have a blog Cubicgarden redirector and I haven't updated it for almost 400 days! Dave Sifry, Tantek, etc I love technorati (I
even have the sticker on my laptop and computer) love what your doing with Microformats, etc but this is unacceptable and I'm now done with Technorati searching and mining. If it can't even get my blog right, I'm sure there are many more its missing. For example (633 days since david wrote anything?)

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