Following the cool kids

Peer Pressure

From Technical Fault two status messages which got me thinking.

Tumblring. Cus it’s what cool kids do. (I prefer Posterous, but the network effect seems stronger on Tumblr atm.) This is like Foursquare vs Gowalla all over again. The better service has a smaller network.

My reply and technical faults reply reposted

Yes > RT @cubicgarden: @technicalfault is that what you do? follow the cool kids instead of making it cool for yourself and others on board?

This is something which is kind of alien to me.

I never like following the cool kids, I’d rather pave my own way and if thats similar to other people around me then great but I won’t be push by social/peer pressure. In actual fact I will admit I tend to be the rebel or (as the cool kids call them now) outlier. Don’t know where it comes from but I get a little fed up of following the established paths which others take.

I understand the whole thing about network effects but then again, I also like the idea that I can bring my own little network effect to a service.