Dataportability between supermarkets…

Tesco Metro

Yeah right… Like thats going to happen (just like dating data portability)

I just switched from to Sainsburys because for some reason Tesco’s site fails to show on my internet connection. (I tried multiple browsers on multiple machines and it just times out. But doing the same on my phone connection works no problem). There seems to be a problem with the MTU or something

Anyway, I found Sainsbury’s delivery service actually really good, dare I say better than Tesco’s. But what I can’t get over (yet) is the lack of favorites. Sainsburys does have favorites but I had to manually copy over the data from on my phone to Sainsburys on my laptop. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t that painful because I generally don’t have that much on my favorities but boy oh boy could I have done with some portability in this space.

Heck even allowing openid would be a start, I looked at Ocado but it couldn’t find my postcode. It gave me a phone number to ring but calling it went no where. I was hoping to use them because I’ve used them for barcamps in the past, plus they have a android phone app but it wasn’t to be.