Social introverts

Been wondering if I’m a social introvert?

Don’t get me wrong I love socialising and social settings but I also like to decompress alone in my own space. Melinda aka Miss Geeky gave a great presentation at Some of the things she mentions I can identify with

I realized that most people don’t have a good understanding of what introversion and extraversion is. Typically they think that being an introvert means you’re quiet and shy, while being an extrovert is seen as being social and outgoing. And that’s not exactly right.

For me, introversion and extraversion is all about energy: what recharges you and what drains you? Extroverts find energy in interaction: they recharge by being around people, by interacting with what’s outside themselves. Introverts, on the other hand, will get their energy from reflection: they recharge by looking inwards, by being alone. So this does mean that extroverts will be much more likely to be social and outgoing, and that introverts will be much more likely to be quiet and shy. But that’s not always the case. You can have extroverts that are shy. And you can have introverts that are social and outgoing.

My term for this group of social introverts: social caterpillars.

I can get on board with this… Although most people think I’m a extrovert (ok I slightly do too), most of the things I do tend to match what introverts do in certain situations. Over time I’ve gotten better at being extroverted (without getting loud and annoying) but its not all me. Maybe this is why I can understand the view points of introverts?

Anyway its a good presentation and something I’d like to follow up on, in the future.

I watched Kick Ass and enjoyed it

When I first saw the trailer for Kickass the movie, I wasn’t sure about it but after reading Miss Geeky’s review back earlier in the month I gave it a try.

Kick-Ass is an awesome movie and one I’d recommend to anyone who likes the big action-y superhero movies. I was hoping I’d like it, but wasn’t expecting to have this much fun. Everything from story to music works in this movie and I guarantee you’ll have a great time. I so want to see it again once it’s released!

To be honest I walked away loving the movie. But what amazed me about the movie was Hit Girl. Without sounding odd, she was amazing even with a mouth of filth and I can’t believe shes only like 13 years old. Great actress to watch for the future.

Another reason why I bring up the fact Miss Geeky’s review got me interested was down to this fact, mass downloaders, spend the most on media. I’m also floating the idea that downloaders also attribution more than anyone else. Who else sticks trailers on there site and writes such detailed reviews. We’re fans and we want to see it first, again and again. Then we want to write about it and tell our friends and the world about it. If your business model interferes with this, your on to a slow looser.