Now this is how you do the Diabolo

This is how you do the diabolo

The moves are incredible and raw; but its the transfers which are insane. For example about 2:40mins in he does a Gyro-Rotation but the transfers/move to a Vertex then adds a suicide. Don’t even get me started on the fast body wraps!

If you thought that was great check out the smoother 2016 gold final with the same guy.

My Broken Diabolo

Dead diabolo

This is what happened after I attempted to pull off the next generation of tricks in the world of Diabolism. They take diabolos from Vertical to Horizontal and are usually called Vertax or Excalibur. If performing a suicide and genocide was bad enough, don't even attempt one of these Vertax's. I kind of got it going then it went flying, hit the ground and bounced straight into a brick wall. But to be honest, I think dropping the Diabolo at six stories a few times maybe wasn't that good for it either. So much for diabolism while in Dublin… Can someone tell me how on earth you perform a Genocide Vertax without turning the diabolo into its original purpose of killing people?

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