What data is personal to you?

Alex data ethics

On International data privacy day, BBC R&D has posted a video asking a bunch of smart people what data is personal to them?

As I have been working on the project for quite sometime, I can happily say there is a lot more to come. Including ways to feedback. Go check have a look and see if you agree with the opinions of our industry experts?

You might have seen the theme of the work in the blog post ethics of data and what we setup at Mozilla Festival. Expect more in the future…


International Blogday

So its international Blog Day according to the site (which is currently down, db issues with WordPress). But the idea is to link to 5 other blogs which you feel others should discover. So here's my little list.

  • Electro^plankton

    because real people interests are diverse according this excellent blog. I love it because its like coolhunting and we make money not art but they only post on the best niche stuff.

  • Torrentfreak

    Now he's started podcasting, I've come to realise how much of a freak this guy really is. But he certainly has the lowdown on Bit torrent, P2P and other darknet information.

  • Read/Write web

    Great site and yes I know its quite poplar already but worth mentioning for those who may not know it.

  • Schneier on security

    I don't know what to say about Bruce, but him blogging about stories he reads is very engaging reading.

  • Jon's Radio

    Yes another blog which has got a large readership but tends to get left out of most developers subscriptions. I like reading Jon Udell because he does the simple things with simple tools. I guess from my stand point he's the ideal developer.

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Blogosphere is more international than ever before

I've been meaning to blog this for weeks now. Dave Sifry's latest report on the state of the blogosphere. So generally the blogosphere has becaome a lot more international with english taking a step down in the most used language in the blogosphere. Its actually better that you think too, because english now count for less than 35% of the blogosphere. Theres lots of other interesting things in the report like the Chinese blogosphere growing a lot due to MSN Spaces and Chinese and Bokee.com. Dave suggests that Japanese bloggers blog small posts from there phone, hence the huge jump. In the same post but not really realted Dave talks about how Tags and Categories are used by 47% of the blogosphere now.

Talking about languages and blogs, the BBC blogs has new additions to its own blognetwork. Spanish, Arabic and Persian blogs. The Chinese and new Urdu blog are just around the corner too. I guess this is perfectly fitting with the latest report. I have yet to try out Native text (a free web service that translates RSS feeds from blogs and podcasts into foreign languages) but it certainly sounds useful. I hear the Persian Blog already has a large audience visiting it.

Chinese just launched yesterday in simplfied chinese which causes it own problems because its all in UTF-8. It seems a lot of chinese reading people set there browsers to the encoding GB2312 or Traditional BIG5

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