For all the important things in life?

There is this really annoying advert on ITV2 (don’t ask why I watch it, Judge Judy is just too addictive). It starts by saying

“for all the important things in life, glamour, scandal and vip’s – there is itv2”

What!? WTF!? Really? ITV2, surely not? important things in life? Someone’s priorities are well out of whack.

It is worrying this type of disillusion. Without heading into a class battle I do somewhat worry about those who go on shows like Jeremy Kyle and make it there life to know what Peter Andre or Katie and Alex are up to.

I’m not saying we should all watch daily politics, news night or even PM’s question time. There is a balance and it strikes me ITV2 is a trap. A trap of rubbish programming and dead beat programmes, worst of the worst.

Enough said really.