Kevin Rose interviews Kevin Systrom, founder of Instagram

I assume this was recorded during or just before Facebook decided to buy Instagram?

Very interesting interview like most of the Foundation interviews.

Kevin Rose and Instagram founder Kevin Systrom sit down to chat about Systrom’s growing up with computers, his time spent at Stanford, and landing an internship at a startup destined to be worth billions. This ultimately led to launching his own startup which is now 15 million users strong and one of the fastest growing social networks on the planet!

Kevin Rose’s Foundation


Kevin Rose founder of and now technology angel investor. Launched a while ago a new show independent of Revision3. Its called Foundation. The business model behind it, is a little odd.

Foundation is a monthly private email newsletter that features video interviews, product reviews, rants, and early access to pre-launched websites.

How do I get access?

Foundation videos will always be free of charge and available on, iTunes, my blog (, and tweeted out (@kevinrose / @foundat_ion). That said, for newsletter subscribers ($3.99 per month), you’ll receive the videos without ads a week before everyone else, along w/product reviews, rants, rumors, and early access to pre-launched websites. To signup for the private newsletter visit:

Its a bit like what Jason Calacanis did a while ago with his private newsletter.

Anyway I don’t think I’ll be signing up because I’m not in urgent need to watch the videos or know the advice Kevin has. However I have to say the videos are actually really nicely done. Both Jack Dorsey and Jeff Smith have been on the show so far and although there generally interesting I’m not exactly thrilled.

The reason why I mention Foundation is because at the end of everyone episode, theres something which always makes me pluck up my ears. With Jack Dorsey he talked about companies building systems to analyze there own data, something I’m very interested in for the BBC via Channelography. And Jeff Smith touched on work culture, something I’ll be sending to my boss as he plans the changes for media city uk.