Finally got my conference proposal notification for Etech 2007

So I finally recieved what I suspected already…

Dear Ian,

On behalf of the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference 2007 program committee, I want to thank you for your recent proposal:

Web 2.0 down the spout (or how web 2.5 will be about plumbing)” and
“The community inside and outside your firewall”

We were very pleased with the uniformly high quality submissions we received. Thank you for your interest in sharing your work with the technical community. While your proposal was considered closely, we are not able to include it in the program this year.

In most cases proposals are declined because the topic of the talk or tutorial was already covered in another presentation, or the subject matter was too narrow or vendor specific. This year we also had far too many great talks to fit into the number of slots available.

Ben made a good point a while ago. I should be asking why they didn't make the cut. Get some feedback so I can take all this into account when submitting to Xtech 2007.

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