My phone is also made of human ass

When I heard Merlin from 43 folders talk about his phone, I instantly knew it was a Panasonic phone before he even said it. Then I looked up the picture of his phone and laughed. Me and Sarah have been generally pissed off about our home phone for the same reasons for about the last 6 months. The rubber keys are a nightmare once they start to wear, I cant tell you how many times I've pressed 5 and its dialed 3 5's. The battery life on the phone is also a nightmare and its about the same weight as my ipaq which is simply wrong.

So anyhow we did change it recently to a philips 5115 phone which was a pile of crap, riddled with bugs and a difficult navigation to boot. Just 2 days ago we bought a couple of NTL DECT phones (would link to picture but dont seem to have it, although I bought it there) and according to my wife its really good. The question is now, what do we do with the old panasonic phone? And the only thing which I can think about is to give it to a charity shop as it still works, its just a pain to use.

Hey I didnt know NTL and Telewest merged?

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