Now is the time to listen…

Thankfully a few friends have reached out to me and asked how they can help or do something in regards to the murder of George Floyd and the systematic racism.

My thoughts are all over the place but I would start by listening!!!

As many of us have said over and over again its not simply this one murder. Its all the others and the systematic racism.

Start with the Daily Tech News show which did a special which had me in tears. Heck it finally got me to sign up on patreon to support them (first time).

We’re taking a day off to hear from black contributors to DTNS and its wider circle.

There has been many others who have spoken out including Clara on BBC Radio 1.

Another powerful piece video is Trevor Noah of the Daily Show, who connects all the pieces together in the way I was trying to explain in my previous post.

No matter what you think… just listen…